Sunday, April 13, 2008

I want expensive saddness

So I watched all of Grindhouse today. Well, as much of it as you can watch on DVD right now, they don't have a proper release with all the trailers in between and stuff. Bastards. Anyway, Planet Terror is 50% blood and gore to the point where I don't want to look at the screen. I thought that Rose McGowan was pretty cool as the one legged go go dancer girl, though much of the internet seems to disagree. Rodriguez really went a bit over-board with the whole camp thing, it feels more like a moving playing up being campy than a retro genre film. He just tries to hard, spending a lot of money and effort to make something campy rather than filming something inherently "grindhouse" style.

The other half of Grindhouse is Deathproof. I am confused how I feel about this movie, I have prepared the following diagram to illustrate the film's structure.The red sections are times when action occurs and are pretty damn excellent. The first instance of cars and death is short but well organized, showing everyone die in nice dramatic ways etc. The second car part is also wonderful because it basically just documents some stunt drivers going out into the country and beating the crap out of each other in cars I wish I could afford to drive.

The blue parts are talking about...things...and stuff. I happen to like Tarantino talking so I didn't mind so much, but if Kyle ever watched this movie he would probably bitch himself hoarse. Or not, you never know.

When I say movie 1 and movie 2 I am not talking about Plant Terror, this diagram is all Death Proof, which is itself a two-part film. As one film I do not like Death Proof that much, the 2 parts are really only linked by Kurt Russell's character. If they just had a short scene at the start of movie 2 showing you that Kurt kills girls with his car after stalking them then we could have skipped the whole of movie 1. Which would be too bad because the first half is excellent, just not very relevant to the film's conclusion. Movie 1 is a straight murder-the-young-girls movie, though it does a very good job of showing how Kurt seduces his victims into trusting him. When this part ends you really need to stop the movie, walk around the house for a while and come back later.

Movie 2 starts with a totally different feel. The film is not nearly as dirty, the previous film is ends at night and has lots of darkness but this second movie is almost all light. At first the plot is basically the same and I was wondering why the hell we were off killing new girls somewhere but somewhere in the last 25 minutes the whole movie flips around in the middle of the chase scene. I really liked this becuase it isn't a WHAT A TWIST! moment, but integrated into the flow of events. The whole thing relies on Kurt Russell. He sells a change in tone that would be easy to mess up.

There are certianly things which I don't like about Death Proof at all, in the end I graded it the same as Planet Terror on Netflix, but it made me sit and think about what was going on in it a bit before I did.

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