Friday, May 23, 2008

are we fools and cowards all? (no, not riddick)

I am a few years behind but I finished Escape from Butcher Bay today. I also watched Chronicles of Riddick. The game is way better, but then so is Pitch Black.

The Good:
  • Riddick is pretty awesome.
  • The graphics are pretty awesome for an Xbox 1 game.
  • The health system is great and should be used in more games (A limited regen system)
  • Lighting is well used in the game, meaning they created dynamic lighting systems that actually alter the gameplay significantly, unlike Doom3.
  • You have the option to beat several sections through speed, stealth or firepower.
  • The game didn't try to drag on longer than it should.
  • The guards are not dumb for pre-FEAR baddies.
  • Adding a quest system was pretty cool. I would like to see a Thief game made like this.
  • Killing people with a stealth attack is fun!
The Bad:
  • Some cutscenes are just poorly put together.
  • More control over hand to hand swinging is needed.
  • There needs to be a third person camera for stealth mode/platforming.
  • When you do have guns, they are a bit powerful, making stealth seem not worth it. I would have liked for ammo to be shorter, so you really felt hunted and less powerful once in a while.
  • The quest system sections are a bit too limited. A better flow of quests/FPS sections would be nice.
  • The ending is a bit short.

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