Friday, May 23, 2008

they've been keeping me from you

So the new MSG game is rumored to have 90 minute cutscenes at certain key parts. While I have called for more story in games, I think this is the wrong kind of story. Now things could be fine and all, I mean, a 90 minute epilogue for Snake would be understandable and avoid the feeling I got at the end of GTA4, mainly that the game gave me a high five and went to credits. Until something like this is confirmed though, I have to express displeasure. I do not think cutscenes are evil, but having frequent (or endless) cutscenes takes the interactive element of the media away and leaves you with a crappy movie. I simply can't imagine how there are 90 minutes of events that have to occur which the player could not control periodically. And I don't mean Quick Time Events here. Those were awesome in Shenmue, but since then I have learned their dark ways.

Also, MEGAowch was how one Free Radical dev described the low score IGN gave Haze. IGN + Low Score = WTF? The game must be trash beyond measure.

Finally I had a dream about making Trials of Olympus in Duke3d. Excellent.

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