Tuesday, May 6, 2008

the walls that are between us

I watched White/Blanc last night. It was decent, I think I didn't like it as much as Blue for totally subjective reasons. Unlike Blue the main character is a somewhat goobery man, the tone is that of a black comedy (but the movie is filled with white, intentional?), and is more dialog diven. Also there was a different director of photography and no scenes like the sugar cube sucking up coffee (it happens in Blue), which is one of my favorite things ever. There is nothing wrong with the movie, I just like the other movie better. It might also have helped that I went into Blue not knowing even why I had added it to my netflix queue. White had to follow one of my favorite movies ever. Oh finally, I think a big element of the film is the entry of Poland into capitialism, which I probably don't know enough to understand the political aspects of the film.

While I am thinking about foreign media I have something that keeps occuring to me but I forget to write down:

Please release your games with the original language voice tracks as an option. Too many small European developers are making games and letting the publisher localize the dialogue with what seems to be the cheapest actors possible and babelfish doing the translation. I don't understand why they can't just put in subtitles and keep the original voices, at least as an option. Dubbing has never been a good idea in film, I don't see why games should be different.

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