Monday, June 23, 2008

What do you want to melt him with?

So I am back from wherever I ran off to. Today I watched BIG with Tom Hanks, because that I just how Little Sarah and I roll when it is this hot. I actually liked that movie a lot since the core of the story revolves around choice and video games! I was certainly not expecting this to show up, but I like how they used the Wizard melting game to show his character growth, as well as his proposal for essentially interactive comic books. Interesting that no one has stolen that idea yet, though it certainly would not have worked in the 1980's as they would have had to use a low resolution B&W LCD for the system.

I spent some time looking for what game was actually in the movie, but it seems it was made up for the movie specifically. Not that it seemed that amazing, but it would have been a pretty impressive game graphically for the time and I was suprised I didn't recognize it.

Going back to games being at the core, the movie is about the role "play" has in different stages of life. Hanks doesn't initially understand the "games" the adults play in the workplace, just like Susan doesn't understand the games of children anymore. The character development is about them developing an understanding about foreign ways of play.

I thought this would be easy to explain but I now see I'd have to plan out a proper arguement to get this across fully. Damn it. That might be over-analyzing some crappy 80's family fun movie though.

Finally, I started working on a real design document for JATCM today. I sorta put the actual game on pause after hitting a wall with the art. Since I already have a decent bit of the game worked out in my head and notes I figure it would be a good project to practice making design doucments with. That is all, move on.


John said...

regarding our discussion of air buccaneers in oblivion... You have to see this:


Ozymandius said...

Zoltan rocks.