Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ha Ha Ha

I was just brushing my teeth and I kept thinking of that song about the turkey in the straw. I swear I was playing that song with my toothbrush rhythm. It was maddening.

Monday, July 14, 2008

slurping in the darkness

I have been away from the computer for a while because I sorta OD'd on it a little over a week ago and have decided to cut back. I hope to keep this up until I get settled in Canada, whenever that may be. At that time expect a lot of updates both here and on alt-dreams.

Monday, June 23, 2008

What do you want to melt him with?

So I am back from wherever I ran off to. Today I watched BIG with Tom Hanks, because that I just how Little Sarah and I roll when it is this hot. I actually liked that movie a lot since the core of the story revolves around choice and video games! I was certainly not expecting this to show up, but I like how they used the Wizard melting game to show his character growth, as well as his proposal for essentially interactive comic books. Interesting that no one has stolen that idea yet, though it certainly would not have worked in the 1980's as they would have had to use a low resolution B&W LCD for the system.

I spent some time looking for what game was actually in the movie, but it seems it was made up for the movie specifically. Not that it seemed that amazing, but it would have been a pretty impressive game graphically for the time and I was suprised I didn't recognize it.

Going back to games being at the core, the movie is about the role "play" has in different stages of life. Hanks doesn't initially understand the "games" the adults play in the workplace, just like Susan doesn't understand the games of children anymore. The character development is about them developing an understanding about foreign ways of play.

I thought this would be easy to explain but I now see I'd have to plan out a proper arguement to get this across fully. Damn it. That might be over-analyzing some crappy 80's family fun movie though.

Finally, I started working on a real design document for JATCM today. I sorta put the actual game on pause after hitting a wall with the art. Since I already have a decent bit of the game worked out in my head and notes I figure it would be a good project to practice making design doucments with. That is all, move on.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cried all night till there was nothing more

So I watched Pulp Fiction last night. I really wanted to like it more than I did, but in the end things have gone mostly nowhere. Vince gets the most screen time I think and we know he is going to die to Butch later. Butch just gets away after a crazy day, but his story is more like "Oh look at this crazy day I had" and nothing special. Nothing really happens with Mia, I mean, she almost dies, but then she is all better and it doesn't seem like anything happened to change her and she never really comes back into play. That leaves Jewels, who I guess is the one character that is trying to do something, but it isn't enough to justify a whole movie. Also, since you know they both show up at the bar later to see Butch and the fat man you know they can't fail for the whole last chapter of the film, which sorta nullifies any tension that would be there. I am sure my argument could be countered by someone who knows the film better than me, I was pretty damn tired, but that is how I felt afterwards. On a good note, it was entertaining to watch the whole time. I had planned on going to sleep half way through and finishing today, but I saw it through to the end.

Also, Pulp Fiction has lot of violence in every story, people are always getting shot on screen or raped or something. I mention this only because it was as I had expected and is not quite in line with Jackie Brown, where they don't even show her pulling a gun on an intruder but rather have the scene in total darkness. There is a real difference in the treatment of violent action in that film in my opinion, maybe Reservoir Dogs will change my view, but I doubt it.

Finally I watched Goodfellas the other day and concluded that I can't watch any more mob movies for a while. It was good, but I just have seen too damn many gangster films recently and they are all starting to blend into each other, though Goodfellas ends much happier than they do normally.

Friday, June 13, 2008

and I can't stand to see you be a bad man

I have been away for a while, not from home but just from my various blogs. I picked up some books on learning theory and games which I have been slowly moving through. I also got Assassin's Creed and RB6V2 in a deal at target and have been playing through AC. Ill take the time to write up some impressions when I finish the game, but at this point there really isn't that much to add to what has already been said. The defining word for AC's design would be "repetition". It is also one of the most "transparent" games I have played recently, in that the game mechanics are just laid right there, much like how ammo used to just be glowing boxes in FPS games. Anyway, I am alive.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Always on trial

Jackie Brown:

The start of the movie is probably the most boring part of the film, so I can see why some people just run away. I can also see why Tim said it was the least Tarantino film Tarantino has made since only one character ever dies on screen. There is almost no on-screen violence in the whole film, and only one bit of blood if I recall. One time Sam L. is shown putting on his gloves for far too long, but otherwise the long shots hold a purpose. This movie could have been shorter and told the same story, but it would have had much less character to the world, which is the point of most Tarantino jabber. It would be nice if they had shown the guns Sam L. was supposed to be running at some point, that is probably the biggest omission I can think recall. Better than Death Proof, which wasn't all bad.


Howard Hughes edition, btw. This movie is pretty awesome, it really doesn't feel that different from later mob crime movies. There are several scenes, like the car chase, that are very impressive for their age. Also there are some creative uses of lighting. Maybe I am giving it a lot of leway because of its age, I don't know, but it was pretty impressive to me.

Layer Cake:

This movie was filmed nicely, lots of cool transitions and I like the color in some of the night shots. Splicing in snips from the other locations into scenes was pretty cool. There is too much reliance on narration throughout to make sense of the core story. I mean, he talks for almost 5 minutes before there is any real dialogue. Craig is alright, if a bit flat, but the film keeps adding in other characters until it falls apart about 2/3 of the way through. The end section of the movie is not really a revelation, just a letdown.

The Conversation:

I like the idea of this movie, F.F. Coppola shot the whole thing well, etc. Gene Hackman acts well but the character he is playing is too much of an awkward loser for me to really enjoy the movie. There are twists and character development, but everything happens in a way that nothing is really shocking, perhaps trying to make you feel like the main character does at the end of the film, but that is pretty depressed and detached. The movie is not depressing in a sad way, but just gives you a feeling that life sorta sucks, much like 1984 or something. A good movie but hard to say "I enjoyed that" afterwards. Also, Harrison Ford shows up and says he is really young.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

here they come to snuff the rooster

Just stopping by for a quick note: There is a new Bio-Shock review on Action Button that is epic in length. I am waiting for something to format and something to rip, so I had the time, maybe you are bored too. Back later with more.